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15:56 < boris[1]> framework programmer is like 15:57 < boris[1]> oxymoronic and/or deceptive 15:57 < boris[1]> it’s like calling yourself a lego civil engineer to people who don’t know what legos are

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I remember taking an undergraduate, management science, class where in an effort to gauge how much of the class needed an Excel review, the professor asked the question, “How many of you consider yourselves Excel experts?” I couldn’t help but think about the subjective nature of the question. Nearly half the class considered themselves experts; [...]

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In 2008, Daniel Miessler provided a list of 25 questions to ask during an information security interview. I thought he did a good job, but wanted to emphasize something he noted that I think a lot of college students reading it might miss. With the economy in a slump, one would think that employers are [...]

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